We are a new CBD company dedicated to developing products that will improve your health and restore your wellness.

Green Eye Club is different than other CBD companies. We’re not a white label company. Our products are pharmacist formulated using pharmaceutical standards. We take a more clinical approach by developing products with a specific medical condition in mind.

We’re curious. We’re thinkers. We’re constantly working to create and improve upon the most unique and effective products possible. The fine tweaking of our formulas by continually testing the perimeters of effectiveness, have produced quality products that set us apart from the rest.

Our uniquely designed logo depicts an owl positioned in front of a large cannabis leaf, cradling a mortar and pestle with its wings. The logo was carefully crafted to represent our two founders, Glibert and Rhonda Weise. Their last name, pronounced “wise”, is represented by the well known “wise old owl”. Rhonda’s bold green eyes are represented by the eyes of the owl while Gilbert’s pharmacy profession is represented by the mortar and pestle. By molding them together in this way, the Green Eye Club logo boldly states, “Be wise and be aware, our CBD products are made using the highest quality ingredients and using the highest pharmaceutical standards.

We stand proudly alongside the “maker generation” celebrating our ingredients which have the highest integrity, purity and quality in the industry.